12 million dollars and much more...

Sam Williams 08/06/2019

How you can smile while walking on ground where thousands people were living and have spent their life which was destroyed by you.

Is it so cheap to destroy everything? 

Is it our feature? Is it for my children will grow up?

One day someone will come and destroy everything I did and had?

I never had my rights and never will have? If you want more you have to shut up and obey

I am afraid of living in this country where any day someone can beat you, harm you, kill you when you will want to go against government when you will ask for your rights.

90 percent of my friends was beaten, harmed, fired from university and me

So if you love your life and want to have free life just take away and go. Because you can not go against them. You can not fight against them This is the truth, So it is better to go Arctics so they can not find you. They can find you anywhere and harm you if you are against them