Activist of the party "Musavat" Faraj Kerimli does not consider himself guilty

Sam Williams 08/06/2019

Youth activist of the party "Musavat" Faraj Kerimli, arrested on charges of illegal possession and sale of drugs, considers himself innocent. Kerimli himself told about it the head of the Committee against Torture Elchin Behbudov,  who visited the activist on  Saturday  in the Chief Directorate  to Combat Organized Crime (CDCOC) of the  Ministry of Internal Affairs in monitoring places of this agency. 

According to Bekhbudov, Kerimli did not complain about the conditions of detention and any pressure on him.  However Kerimli   suffers from liver disease, and asked for permission to  walk on air. "I delivered his request to the leadership of the  jail, and I was told that there were no problems in meeting this request," said Behbudov. Meanwhile,  Faraj Kerimli is still; not allowed to meet with his lawyer Nemat Kerimli.  The lawyer expects  that F.Kerimli, according to the court decision, will finally  be transferred to the detention center of the Prison Service, and he would see him.  He stressed that preventing a meeting with lawyer  and his meeting with relatives  after detention a serious violation of the law.   F.Kerimli was arrested  on July 23, and on  24th Narimanov court chose against him preventive measure arrest for three months. On the same charges,  on July 17 was arrested  his brother, Siraj Kerimli.   The party "Musavat" believes that the brothers Kerimli  are persecuted because of their  opposition activity and  being activist on Facebook.