Five activists of "Musavat" party arrested in Lankaran

Sam Williams 08/06/2019

Five members of the "Musavat" party have been arrested today at 17:45 in Lankaran. They were taken to the police department of the city, Hajibayli Mustafa, who is among the detainees.

He also said that these functionaries of the party went to the southern region to provide training for the upcoming presidential elections. The leaders of Masalli, Jalilabad and Bilasuvar offices of the "Musavat" party participate in training.  According to Hajibayli, in Masalli during the training they were surrounded by police, but did not prevent the event.

Upon completion of training, Musavat members  decided to go to Lankaran to visit family of the arrested adviser the leader of  the  party, Yadigar Sadygly. At the entrance to Lankaran they were detained by police. After 45 minutes, the police  expelled  the detainees from Lankaran, and forbade them to meet with the family of Sadygly