I miss you my dear friend

Sam Williams 08/06/2019

I knew Fuad Haciyev for several years we have spent enough time together to know each other

Fuad is very funny and active man, he knows what he is doing and for what he is doing

I always supported things he is doing and how he is doing

I will not keep it long but last time we spoke it was around 28 May, when we tried organize concert in Baku in proud of 95 years of ADR. After printing a lot of t-shirts and preparing to concert, the police made last minute cancellation and we could hold concert and everything was planned to do.

Everything was quite and ok, but Fuad knew that he will be one the guys who will be arrested soon. And it happened on 4th of July when USA got independence.

Fuad I will be always next to you with my soul and I will always support you and will support what you are doing