Is Facebook dangerous?

Sam Williams 08/06/2019

In recent years we begun to use facebook, twitter and other social networking tools to better spread our thoughts.

But as seen as in any other countries using these tools makes government angry sometimes. Because in this case government have to follow these people and find out who are they. As not in streets there are a lot of people online which are against government.

In Azerbaijan case in recent years facebook become too much popular between young activists. As of me I am using online social tools to  spread information against government and to hold protests.

But government officials in Azerbaijan try to arrest people who makes these types of arrest.

 Recently one of the member of YAP and President of Youth Organization of YAP declared that Facebook must be closed because it is not good to cultural ethics of Azerbaijan, but in fact everyone knows that it is against political issues.

And some young activists was held and arrested due to their online activity like Ilkin Rustemzade who was arrested due to a video put in youtube and events who initiated to make protests against government.