Azerbaijan from inner side

Sam Williams 08/06/2019

It has been almost 9 years without Haydar Aliyev but even his absence held Azerbaijan within improvement flow for 8 years…but now it is over….nothing can replace him even his son Ilham Aliyev whose name means “inspiration” in Azerbaijani language…

NUR...GULEN MOVEMENT..Politics & religion

This blog entry is kinda synthesis of my life experience. This is a memorial chronology of a young person who has been involved in a different political and religious groups and survived only due to logical analysis.
It was 1993 December when Turkish businessmen from Gulen Movement Charity Organization called “Hizmet” met Haydar Aliyev on Sadarak Bridge – the only connection borders between Azerbaijan and Turkey. When Haydar Aliyev listened to those people he intented on his famous phrase : Azerbaijan and Turkey – we are one nation and two countries”. This deep meaning was opening great opportunities to Panottomanism evolve into Azerbaijan with two hands : Panislamism and Panturkism. None of these ideologies were successful during the Soviet Union but as it demolished we started to get closer to Turkey. Haydar Aliyev was the main and strongest supporter of these relations.
It was middle 90th when Suleyman Demirel the former president of Turkey asked Haydar Aliyev to close those schools because they were teaching Islam as fanatism and Haydar Aliyev refused to do so. He intended that those schools don’t teach children to make Jihad against non- muslims, they don’t make them extremist or terrorist. They teach Islam through the science and they bring the children the love to the family and nation. We don’t know why SUleyman Demirel was so against this movement but he did not succeed.

But many things changed when Haydar ALiyev passed away and Ilham Aliyev became the new president of Azerbaijan Republic.

Ilham Aliyev studied in Russian school #6 of Baku and continued his education in Moscow State University of International Relations. All his educational background stands on Russian influence and Soviet ideology. Those people think that talking Russian everywhere is an aristocratic behavior and only glamour caste of the nation who speaks Russian are their sphere of relations. Mehriban Aliyeva – 1st Lady of Azerbaijan was one of the supporters of those glamour fashionable ideology of new Azerbaijan. Although Ilham Aliyev was the guy from Baku and Moscow Haydar Aliyevs policy made people from Nakchivan and Old Armenia (Formerly area of Azerbaijan) very strong. Their strength was so powerful that even Mehriban Aliyeva couldn’t stand for them. As You can See now there are already 2 big obligations to be powerful and rich in Azerbaijan : 1st Being Glamorous Russian speaking born or Baku central and 2nd Being from Nakchivan or Old Armenia. People who couldn’t get into these levels were completely out of any opportunity. Those two levels of nation were also very far from religion and that was the main problem for Gulen Movement Schools to be as powerful as they were during Haydar Aliyev’s authority period. 

The students of those charity schools were the most well educated people in Azerbaijan and they were the only with real patriotic sense of love to motherland because religion told them so. This group of successful young people strted to become a danger for government. May be Ilham Aliyev was out of that direct opposition to that movement but he did nothing to stop it and even supported at some cases. Nur students started to get fired and forced to quit their jobs in many companies and state organizations because of their religion branch and political ideology. Those people wanted really independent Azerbaijan with its historical heritage. But it seems impossible unless big Humanitarian and Democratic powers help Azerbaijan.
Young Activist Bakhtiyar Hajiyev who was one of the students of these schools and also graduate of Harvard University in USA created N!DA and many other youth movements to protest this new government policy. They intended that Fethullah Gulen is the most peaceful, tolerant Muslim leader in the world and Nur branch of Islam is not as Vahabists or Salafids or Shias who are struggling for Jihad and who changed most of the Quran rules for their own benefits. I – Natig Akbarov – was a former YAP activist and always supported this party until 2003 when Ilham Aliyev came and our influence to atheist ideology started. We want Panturkist and Panislamist Azerbaijan with a peaceful relations with neighbors and G20 countries. We want educated, smart and patriotic people with sincere love to God start to coordinate the government and even lead it. Most of us have been threatened and told to stop our ideology but we will succeed one day and everyone will see that we are not one of those Arabian countries who are rich because of petrol but always depended on other countries and had no freedom inside. I wrote this blog to describe the synthesis of Nur Gulen Movement, Youth opposionist ideology and actual state of Azeri government. Please read this article and share my life experience.
Natig M. Akbarov