Press Release

Sam Williams 08/06/2019

In May, 2014 the group of Azerbaijani human rights activists and lawyers were invited by two leading human rights activists - Leyla Yunus and Rasul Jafarov to work on the single reconciled list of political prisoners. 

Both Yunus and Jafarov has worked on the issue for many years and had their own versions of the list of political prisoners. The group of lawyers, journalists and human rights activists have worked on two lists, updated information studied the cases, clarified the criteria based on Council of Europe's resolutions on the matter and compiled the list, which is presented now.The list includes names and cases of 98 persons, whose arrests and unfair judgments had political motivations. 

Unfortunately, Leyla Yunus and Rasul Jafarov couldn't present the single reconciled list and had to sign the document while in prison. Their cases, as well as the cases of Arif Yunus and Intigam Aliyev had been added to the list after the imprisonment of Ms Yunus and Mr Jafarov. 

The list is signed by 29 human rights activists and lawyers. 
The list is aimed to help rapporteurs of the Council of Europe to study issue of political prisoners in Azerbaijan. 

All international organizations are welcome to use the list for further reference. 
By imprisoning Leyla Yunus and Rasul Jafarov, the government of Azerbaijan has aimed at preventing their involvement in discussion of the political prisoners issue with international organizations.

We encourage rapporteurs to meet Leyla Yunus and Rasul Jafarov in prison to discuss the cases of political prisoners with them. The Working Group led by two imprisoned defenders continues it's work and may answer your questions on particular cases or the list. You can send your inquiries to [email protected]