They are still in hungerstrike

Sam Williams 08/06/2019

8 N!DA members are in 12th day of hungerstrike in jail.

More than 1 year ago members of N1DA which I am also member of were jailed because of false accusations like narcotic usage, wide range vandalism against goverment. But no evidence still found against them. Despite of this illegal accusations they are still jail and expected to be stay in 6-8 years after May 1st court.

They protest brutal court and false accusations by being in hungerstrike.

Including USA Senators and EU PMs all other Azerbaijanian all over the worls protesting Azerbaijan Government and demading release of N!DA members ASAP.

Senator Ben Cardin : "Azerbaijan should respect the rule of law & acquit the NIDA defendants. ‪#‎Freedom‬ to prisoners of conscience in ‪#‎Azerbaijan‬ ‪#‎NIDA‬ ‪#‎azadet‬"

As a last word myself I demand Azerbaijan Goverment to release N!DA members.

Samir Yahyazade