Two opposition activists detained in Sabirabad

Sam Williams 08/06/2019

The last night, the deputy chairman of the regional organization of the party Musavat, Azer Ismailov, was arrested in Sabirabad, as he exited a grocery store.

Ismailov is also a member of the election headquarters of the presidential candidate, Isa Gambar. He is also an active user of social networks, where he provides detailed information about the lawlessness in the region and the country.

To find out what happened to Ismailov this morning, the head of the regional organization of the Popular Front, Novruz Guliyev, went to the district police station, where he was also arrested.

According to the report from the Musavat party, it is expected that there will be trumoted up charges and sent to court in respect to both of these arrests.

 The attempts by Yavar Gulmamedov, the head of the regional organization Musavat to meet with the police chief did not give results.   —06D-