U.S. Citizen Said Nuri Allowed to Leave Azerbaijan, His Sexual Video Posted on the Internet

Sam Williams 08/06/2019

BAKU. September 12, 2014: Yesterday, the Azerbaijani government finally allowed Said Nuri, a U.S. citizen, to leave the country.

Said Nuri, the former Azerbaijani opposition activist, deputy chief of the pro-opposition youth organization Yeni Fikir (New Thought), left the country years ago after a treason investigation was launched against his organization and became anaturalized citizen of the United States. In early September this year Said Nuri returned to Azerbaijan to visit his ailing father. On September 4, as Nuri tried to leave the country, he was told at the airport that the Ministry of National Security and the Attorney General's Office did not allow his departure.

Apparently, the Azerbaijani government refused to recognize Nuri's new citizenship and decided to keep him in the country as an Azerbaijani citizen who was regarded as a witness in one of the political cases. After a week of negotiations, the Azerbaijani government decided to withdraw from its earlier position and decided to deport Nuri from the country. Nuri informed the local journalists that he was told to leave the country and never come back. On the day of his departure from Azerbaijan, Nuri had to experience another unpleasant message from his captors. A sexually explicit video showing Nuri was posted on the Internet which Nuri regarded as an attempt by the Azerbaijani authorities to discredit him.

Nuri, told the press that he had done nothing illegal and that woman he is shown with in the video is his girlfriend. This is not the first time when the opponents of the Aliyev regime in Azerbaijan find their sexually explicit and illegally obtained videos posted on the Internet . Opposition activists and journalists, including RFE/RL Azerbaijani Service correspondent Khadija Ismayilova have been pleaced in similar situation in the past (Azeri Report)